microbitWe've played with Crumbles. We've played with Codebugs.

Now, here comes the Micro:bit, the Microsoft/BBC collaboration project to get more young people coding.

Click the Read more to see a video clip of the Micro:bit controlling an LED usng an input from a photo cell. Not exactly earth-shattering but OK for a first go. I was quite pleased the code worked.

The boards were sent out to secondary schools last year for distribution to Year 7 pupils. So far, I've not met on who's actually received one, so who knows where they all went?

The Micro:bit is a bit like the big brother of the microprocessor boards - it can do more things and can be programmed in lots of different ways. programming is done online at the dedicated website and there's a choice of a block editor which is a bit like Scratch, or you can use various text-based editors.

Already, the hobbyist and educational suppliers are bringining out a range of ad-ons for the Micro:bit, of which we have acquired some.

Our Micro:bits will get used in the classroom and at Computer Club, that's if I can drag them away from Minecraft for five minutes.

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