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When I started at the school in 1997 the then head, Jane Allison, was already keen to start a nature garden, so when she found out I had a background in countryside management it kind of was inevitable that I would have something to do with setting it up.

When I tell the children the nature Garden was once just a bit of the field they don't always believe me. This composite photo shows what the ground looked like before any work was begun. Please remember these are conventional photos taken with a film camera mounted on a tripod, long before the days your phone coud take panoramas at the push of a button. Remember film?

Pretty amazing, eh? This is before the KS2 extension was built, obviously. All you can see really is a bed of shrubs that had been planted a few years previously. They are small enough to see over the top of - now the oaks and ashes are probably 30ft tall! Can you see our tool shed at the side of the hall?

The only interesting features before we started were  twin mounds resulting from the digging of the school's foundations. The mound I stood on top of to take these pictures is gone - a victim of the school's expansion. The other mound is now part of the woodland.