HalinaI've been taking photographs since I was 13.
I bought my first camera using money I'd saved up from my paper round, plus some birthday money.
I went with my mate Duncan Cowley to a camera shop at Wembley Triangle, to buy the camera I'd been droolong over for weeks - a Halina twin lens reflex. It took roll film and cost me £8.  This was my camera for the next 10 years.

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February 2018 picture roundup

P1110864 Edit 003Didn't go far in February. Visited Thornton Abbey and the Fishing Heritage Museum in Grimsby during half term week, but I've given them their own galleries.

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Apart from the snow right at the end, February was a cold, dry month with bitterly cold winds off the North Sea for long periods.

Well, what else should you expect on the east coast? There isn't much, apart from the ocean, between here and the North Pole.

Snowdrops and daffodils are out in the garden, birds are chirping and there's so much more light around. Spring is coming!

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January 2018 picture roundup

P1110555Didn't go anywhere much. Sitting out the winter, basically. New Years Day was a highlight - a day mooching around Grimsby Docks.

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The few industrial structures that remain in the dock area, built mostlly from dark red engineering brick, reminded me of Middlesborough, where I worked in the late 1970s. The steel industry had more or less collapsed by that time, a parallel arc of decline to that of the Grimsby fishing industry. Or something. Anyway, it made for some nice photographic opportunities. And there was absolutely no one about.

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December 2017 picture roundup

Dec 2017 047A month of quiet weather and some great skies.

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One of the most memorable events was the full moon rising over over the Humber Estuary.on the evening of December 4th. Worth missing Corrie for (not that I watch Corrie).

Christmas visits from sons and girlfriends meant trips out to the pub, walks on the beach, hundreds of pennies frittered away in the arcades - oh, the hedonism of it all.

Anyway, also nice was discovering the photographic delights of Grimsby Docks, coming soon in another article. A Happy New Year to all!

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