HalinaI've been taking photographs since I was 13.
I bought my first camera using money I'd saved up from my paper round, plus some birthday money.
I went with my mate Duncan Cowley to a camera shop at Wembley Triangle, to buy the camera I'd been droolong over for weeks - a Halina twin lens reflex. It took roll film and cost me £8.  This was my camera for the next 10 years.

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ESJ Millennium Year class photos

Classes 2001 030I found this old photo album mouldering in a cupboard at school.

Actually, I found a pile of them, but that's for another time. The one shown here is a set of class photos taken in summer term 2001. The school was a lot smaller then, only about 300 children. KS2 classes were in mixed year groups - I had a Year 3/4 class at the time.

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It's great seeing again photos of children who are now all growed up and in their 20s, having finished with formal education and now gone out into the world to seek their fortune..Some might even have left home!

I wouldn't mind betting that not a few of them still live around Ely though, because Ely is that kind of place. Most will be working, with some perhaps paired off or married and starting a family of their own. It would be great if some of them came back to visit the school, to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary.

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Visit to Woburn Abbey

Woburn smallWe chose the right day to go.

The weather was glorious, the gardens looked great and, best of all, the place was practically deserted.

Actually, even better than that, if you are a member of the Historic Houses Association (HHA), you get in for nothing!

Click the Read more for an image gallery. The skies look very saturated in the photos, probably because I was using a polarising filter, but they were actually very blue anyway.

We've never actually been inside the house, but we have been told off by an official for standing at the back of the place to have this photo taken. There was a small notice, we discovered afterwards, saying Private, but we hadn't seen it. So naughty!

The cafe's OK and quite reasonable, just don't go expecting a 7-course banquet. We went on a Saturday and there was a wedding on, which meant that a bit of the place was roped off. Whatever. We went for the gardens really, and they are fab.

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Recent gigs June 2017

gigs 001aSaw a few bands in May/June, all at the Junction in Cambridge. Maximo Park played songs from their brilliant new albun Risk To Exist plus favourites from their huge back catalogue. Paul Smith was on excellent form. We saw them in Doncaster a few years back but this was a much better gig.

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As always,Twin Atlantic were loud and lively. I was fairly close to the mosh pit, taking photos. It was a vision of hell, basically. At one point, Sam McTrusty leapt into the audience and sang as he was carried around by the crowd - at one pointI was nearly garotted by his mic cable. It's the third time we've seen them. Unapologetically full-on Scottish rock.

Talking of Scotland, Justin Currie wowsed a rather sparse crowd with numbers from his new album This Is My Kingdom Now, in my opinion one of his best for a while. Needless to say he also played a goodly number of classic Del Amitri songs. Lost count of the number of times we've seen him perform, and we're going again to see him in Nottingham in October!


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Gunby Hall NT property in Lincolnshire

Gunby HallGunby hall is a National Trust property near Skegness.

This was a quick visit on our way home from Cleethorpes.  No doubt we will be back to see more.

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The walled garden was great, stuffed with colourful plants and two friendly moggies. You can get tea and cake but not full meals. You might need to queue for the loo if it is busy.

We didn't go in the house - that's for next time.

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Sutton Winter Photographs 2006 - 2007

PICT002We lived in Sutton-in-the-Isle for 13 years. When we moved to Ely I didn't anticipate how much I would miss walking around the footpaths of that district. 

Looking at the photos, we must have had some cold winters ten years ago.

By all accounts, North Fen is about 20ft below sea level, but I don't know if that accounts for the intense frosts we used to get.

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