NG 038This was when it all began. I drew up a plan which went to governors, and the chair at the time, Peter Wickham, simply said go ahead. That was it. Who'd have thought that 20 years later we'd end up where we are now? If you were around at that time take a look at the photos and see if you can spot yourself.

The beds were laid out, the fence was put up and the pond was made. Notice it is before the KS2 extension was built. Basically, the garden still the same layout today.

Top helpers back then were the Browning, Hunt and Knott families, but there were many others who gave their time to get the project off the ground. The school owes them.

Perhaps some of those people, including the children who are now adults of course, will come along to the 25 years celebration this summer and see what their handiwork has turned into. I hope so,anyway.

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