Foggy Ely December 2016

P1040154Looked out the window - thick fog!

Took the LX100 out for a walk, and glad I did.

Ely was spookily quiet. Hardly anyone out on the streets, very unusual for a Saturday night.

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Ely Cathedral December 2016

Ely Cathedral 006Out with the LX100 for a tour round. 

Taking the camera for a walk - a bit like having a dog but involving less Bonio and bags of warm dog crap.

Perfect mid-winter afternoon - sunny, still and not too chilly. For anyone visiting it was the perfect day.

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Doddington Hall sculptures

P1030439 2I'm not sure if it's annual but Doddington Hall certainly hosts sculpture exhibitions on a regular basis.

This gallery is from the September 2016 collection. Click the Read More to see it.

It was a pissing wet day but somehow that just added to the visual interest. It also meant the place was practically empty.

The garden of Doddington Hall is worth a visit even if there is n't a sculpture show on at the time. Don't miss seeing the huge (and I mean HUGE!) sweet chestnuts by the hall. There is also a farm shop and a very nice cafe. I'm not getting paid to review Doddington Hall, by the way. It just is a genuinely intersting place. The hall is open on some days too.

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Bognor Regis May 2016

BognorWe had a few days in Bognor Regis at May half term.

Just about everyone who passed along the sea wall in front of the hotel was either jogging, biking or staggering along on a zimmer frame. I think I was about the only normal walker.

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The Powell-Cotton Museum at Quex Park, Kent

DSC07512 001If you are ever in the Margate area this museum is a must-see. We found it quite by chance on a trip to the Kent coast last July

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To quote from the museum website, "The Powell-Cotton Museum’s natural history dioramas are outstanding examples, unique to the UK, stunning for their size, quality and imagery. Today they still excite the imagination of young and old alike and the world-class natural history and ethnographical collections continue to support the study, understanding and simple enjoyment of the zoological, cultural and ecological diversity of Africa and the Indian sub-continent."

The dioramas are huge, like nothing you have ever seen before. The artefact collection

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Illuminasia at Blackpool Winter Gardens

DSC05771 001We were househunting/jobhunting in Blackpool during February half term and visited the Illuminasia exhibition, housed at the Winter Gardens.

It was cold and wet outside (and inside, there were buckets under the places where the roof was leaking) but that did not detract from the experience, because Illuminasia is like nothing else you will ever see and a photographer's dream. If you are ever in town don't pass up a visit, it's awesome!

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