Woburn smallWe chose the right day to go.

The weather was glorious, the gardens looked great and, best of all, the place was practically deserted.

Actually, even better than that, if you are a member of the Historic Houses Association (HHA), you get in for nothing!

Click the Read more for an image gallery. The skies look very saturated in the photos, probably because I was using a polarising filter, but they were actually very blue anyway.

We've never actually been inside the house, but we have been told off by an official for standing at the back of the place to have this photo taken. There was a small notice, we discovered afterwards, saying Private, but we hadn't seen it. So naughty!

The cafe's OK and quite reasonable, just don't go expecting a 7-course banquet. We went on a Saturday and there was a wedding on, which meant that a bit of the place was roped off. Whatever. We went for the gardens really, and they are fab.