DSC01301 EditJune was very warm, even here on the cool North Sea coast, where if it is 25°C in London it's quite likely to be no more than 17°C or 18°C here in Cleethorpes. Also, like the rest of England, we had almost no rain during the month, so it was out with the watering can every evening.

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It was great to be able to stroll out in the evening without a coat, just armed with a camera, and go down to the beach to see what's going on.

The ever-changing light here is a photographer's dream.The beginning and end of the day are the best times usually, but a stormy sky at any time of day is worth putting your coat on for..

The changing tides also add to the variety of photo opportunities. A high tide in the afternoon when people are on the beach means lots of people in the water; a high tide in the evening brings out the fishermen (almost invariably it is men).