July 18 046A fine, hot month with very little rain.The town was full of visitors practically every day, making local tradespeople very happy.

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July is my second favourite month, after May and June, which tie in first place. Quite partial to August, too. Least favourite? It's got to be December.

Went to see the still-marvellous Del Amitri in Nottingham. They just get better and better. Apart from that, didn't go far, but then you don't need to when you already live at the seaside.

Discovered the Maitreya Buddhist Garden, near Lincoln, but the photos are in a separate gallery. Looking forward to a return visit when we've had some rain and the grass isn't all withered and brown from the prolonged lack of moisture. Also paid a visit to Gainsborough Old Hall - another fascinating place which has its own gallery elsewhere in another article.