My Garden, Summer 2020

P1040336I tell you, my tiny garden has been a lifesaver during this horrible year of lockdowns and masks and doing the covid shuffle around 'the ox people' as you tramp the streets to get a bit of fresh air.

It was the summer when it felt daring and exotic just to go for a haircut or sneak out to Sainsbury's and ACTUALLY GO IN THE SHOP rather than just do another click and collect.

Bah. Anyway. pottering in the garden saved the day.

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 It was also the summer when, after nearly 25 years in the classroom, I decided it was time to call it a day on my so-called career as a primary school teacher. I knew I would miss the children, if not the rest of it, and so it has proved.

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My garden, a blooming, buzzing confusion

DSC01821 EditA blooming, buzzing confusion. Yep, I'm out in the garden. Well, actually I'm sitting in the conservatory, watching the trees (yes, trees in a garden that measures 6m by 4m) being whipped around in the rather stiff easterly breeze. But the sun is out and the sky is cloudless. What's not to like?

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It is a pity you can't give people some kind of injection to kick start an interest in nature, in growing things, in gardens and in being outdoors just for the sheer kerpow of feeling the air on your face. It would do wonders for the nation's mental health. Overnight, people would become gentler, slower, more thoughtful, more

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Cleethorpes Sunrise, April 5th 2020

DSC00660 001What can be said about a sunrise (or sunset) that hasn't already been said? I dunno.

Which is better, perhaps. Now there's a question. Are you a sunrise or a sunset person? And is it just a matter of personal preference or is there scope for a more objective evaluation? Perhaps each witnessing of sunrise/sunset should be assessed as a unique event that cannot be compared to any other occasion. I dunno.

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What factors might make a difference? Better if alone or with company? Better if summer or winter? Better if sober or drunk? Better if stormy

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Autumn/Winter 2019-20 Photo Roundup

DSC00355 EditIt was very, very wet, is all I remember.

But not particularly cold, with hardly a single frost. Hellishly windy though, at times, expecially through February and the early part of March. Playground duty meant numb fingers and wooly hats and scarves.

In fact, Daniel and Lucie's wedding in Norfolk at the end of September was one of the warmest days of the summer.

Christmas with the family in Derbyshire was memorable. Expensive, but memorable. Christmas Eve's weather was glorious and a great photo op.

Thereafter, it's just been a slow, cold slog to get to spring, which at last is showing signs of imminent arrival.

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