P1040336I tell you, my tiny garden has been a lifesaver during this horrible year of lockdowns and masks and doing the covid shuffle around 'the ox people' as you tramp the streets to get a bit of fresh air.

It was the summer when it felt daring and exotic just to go for a haircut or sneak out to Sainsbury's and ACTUALLY GO IN THE SHOP rather than just do another click and collect.

Bah. Anyway. pottering in the garden saved the day.

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 It was also the summer when, after nearly 25 years in the classroom, I decided it was time to call it a day on my so-called career as a primary school teacher. I knew I would miss the children, if not the rest of it, and so it has proved.

On the plus side, I have been trying my hand at writing short stories, some of which I intend to put on this website.

As one door closes, another door opens, or something.