DSC00355 EditIt was very, very wet, is all I remember.

But not particularly cold, with hardly a single frost. Hellishly windy though, at times, expecially through February and the early part of March. Playground duty meant numb fingers and wooly hats and scarves.

In fact, Daniel and Lucie's wedding in Norfolk at the end of September was one of the warmest days of the summer.

Christmas with the family in Derbyshire was memorable. Expensive, but memorable. Christmas Eve's weather was glorious and a great photo op.

Thereafter, it's just been a slow, cold slog to get to spring, which at last is showing signs of imminent arrival.

The clocks have gone forward and many of the trays of seedlings started off in February have sprouted.

The world is being ravaged by Covid-19. As for a cure, personally I swear by Patak's Hot Mango Pickle, which I spread liberally on everything. It's worked so far.

Hooray for nature.