DSC00660 001What can be said about a sunrise (or sunset) that hasn't already been said? I dunno.

Which is better, perhaps. Now there's a question. Are you a sunrise or a sunset person? And is it just a matter of personal preference or is there scope for a more objective evaluation? Perhaps each witnessing of sunrise/sunset should be assessed as a unique event that cannot be compared to any other occasion. I dunno.

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What factors might make a difference? Better if alone or with company? Better if summer or winter? Better if sober or drunk? Better if stormy

and cold or balmy and still? Better if over the sea or over fields/hills? Perhaps they're all equally good, but surely not. Is every apple equally good, or birthday, or (substitute your own example).

In conclusion, it was a dawn worth getting out of bed for. Sunrise wins again. Best leave it there.