21 April 2019

Gorgeous, warm sunshine on Good Friday. The beach was packed with grateful visitors who, I think, couldn't quite believe their luck. It was lovely to see the place doing what it does best. All...

Portsmouth 010Flogged down to Portsmouth for a late summer music festival. It's nearly as long a journey as Scotland! And it was bank holiday weekend!! But actually, the roads were fine, just long.

The last time I was in Portsmouth was 2006, when I took Year 6 for a residential week on the Isle of Wight (faint shudder - was not the easiest group of children to manage, as I recollect).

Mainly we were there to see the Stereophonics headline the Saturday night, but also on the bill were Echobelly, The Hunna, Feeder, Maximo Park and Jake Bugg.

All in all, worth going, even if it took 5 hours driving to get home.

2024 Update: This was our last big music event. It's the hours of standing that get you in the end. Seated gigs only these days.

A few pictures if you click the Read more..

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