17 April 2022

Ah, spring! Intending to see the Grimsby Town vs Weymouth game, Sue and Tony had booked a cottage near Fordingbridge for a couple of nights, but then got Covid and couldn't come. So it was just...

Grimsby1 001New Year's Eve. At home and no visitors expected. A brilliant Christmas in the Peak District with la famille.

A day of brilliant winter sunshine and not a breath of wind, so what could be better than a long walk?

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Down Grimsby Road and Cleethorpe Road as far as the railway flyover, then what? Keep going!

There are a surprising (to me, anyway) number of big yachts moored in the dock. I wonder, who do they belong to?

A cargo of new Seat SUVs had just been unloaded and a dredger was at work in the dock basin.

Walked home on the opposite side of the road, past the dead pub 'The Albion'. Once one of Grimsby's busiest pubs, built in Victorian times, it closed its doors for the last time in 2011, following a fire. If only those walls could talk, what fascinating tales might they tell?

See January 2018 for Grimsby Walk Part 1.

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