14 September 2023

'Established 1935, modern eversince '. That's the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea.  Britain is such a beautiful island and the weather for our visit was perfect, Sometimes, I wonder why...

Front cover completeA quiet month. Spring is slowly arriving.

Some bits of the garden are beginning to wake up. Time will tell how many plants didn't make it through the winter.

Had friends Jeff and Graham to stay for a couple of nights.

I drove us up to attend dear friend Roger's memorial service in his home village of Armathwaite in Cumbria. Goodbye, Rog.He was in the top three for best mates, probably number one. I've known him since we first met on a Conservation Corps day task in 1972.

I whiled away a couple of weekends making a front cover for the book I completed six months ago, provisonally titled 'The Best Things in Life are Friends'.

It was quite an involved process but I wanted to include as many salient aspects of the book as possible. In the photo are Tom, Jess and Katie's feet.

Alan is taking the photo and is holding it in the larger picture, sitting on the sofa at the rubish tip.

I have done nothing with the book because I still don't feel it is finished. The start is too slow although once it picks up speed, about a third of the way through, it zips along nicely.

I'm thinking about a fourth book, but I know I won't begin it before the summer holidays. Winter is not a very good time for me to do anything much in the writing departnment.

Oh to be like that Colin Firth character in Love, Actually.

In Armathwaite
Fran, Roger's wife, sees us on our way home.
In Armathwaite
Ken, John, Heather, Jeff, Tim, me, Graham, Ian - old friends
In Cleethorpes
With Jeff and Graham
My worm bin is going well

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