15 September 2022

Still having a lovely time in Dumfries and Galloway. We visited (again) Broughton House. The home of ‘Glasgow Boy’ EA Hornel, it sits in a Japanese-inspired garden and hosts an impressive...

Doddington 2022Say what you like about sculpture trails, they are great for photographers because they give you lots of things at which to point your camera.

I was going to write 'point your camera at', but that would have meant ending the sentence with a preposition, which is frowned upon by many writers. What do you think? Couldn't care less would be an understandable response, I suppose.

Anyway, click the Read More for some photos.

One look at the grass tells you what a long, hot and dry summer we're having. Suits me.

Covid Report: Mask-wearing has fallen out of fashion but people are still thoughtful about intermingling, and social distancing is still a thing when in queues.


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