01 July 2023

First stop on our world tour of Argyll and Bute was Ardkinglas Woodland Garden. Been before, but so what. If trees are one of your things, then I urge you to put Ardkinglas on your bucket...

DSC03404 EditAh, spring! Intending to see the Grimsby Town vs Weymouth game, Sue and Tony had booked a cottage near Fordingbridge for a couple of nights, but then got Covid and couldn't come. So it was just us.

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As Shakespeare once said (or was it the Wurzels?): Dorset is beautiful. Cold, frosty starts, but then lovely sunshine on all 3 days. Lucky us.

Our first stop was Minterne House and Gardens, about 8 miles north of Dorchester and close to the Cerne Abbas Giant (priapic chalk carving).

It was a bit of luck that the guy at the house who checked our HHA passes was also doing bacon baps and coffee. What could be better than brekky on the terrace? Ten degrees warmer and it would have been perfect.

We investigated the Himalayan Garden - basically large trees with an understorey of rhododendrons and similar shrubs. The paths are wide and well surfaced but the slope might prove challenging if you have mobility problems.


St Andrews Church
Bacon baps. Mmm...
Minterne House
Built in 1905

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