22 February 2019

The weather continues to be not-very-wintry. Wrapped up warm, walking on the beach is a joy. Lovely low, winter sunshine, decent waves and full tides. Click the Read More for an image...

May Flowers 008You may not know the song April Showers; I do because I remember my mum singing it around the house when I was a boy. It was written in 1921 and made popular by American singer Al (Mammy!) Jolson. It also featured in a Morecambe and Wise sketch where Ernie was lightly sprinkled with water as he sang while Eric got soaked by the bucketful.

How we laughed.

Anyway, some snaps from Grimsby Botanic Garden (I'm joking, by the way. We actually live in Cleethorpes). Click the Read More to see them.

It's actually early May now, and the weather has at last picked up. So hopefully more of my pots will wake up and do something interesting. The tulips put on a fine show in March and April but now you have pots of leaves hanging around, taking up space until they die back. The camassias not as spectacular as last year. I think it is because I split them between two pots. The anemones are putting on a good show and the alliums are on the point of bursting. Top bee plants are rosemary, knapweed and Cerinthe. The latter has spontaneously appeared in various places, I'm pleased to say. It looks rather exotic and the bees love it.

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